May 12, 2006 9:02 pm

I’m Here, Buried Under Books and Piles of Paper

:note: The Sisters of Mercy

The annual Web Raising is tomorrow. I am currently rejoicing over my good fortune in the assignment of group members, since I have a totally kick-ass team now and am confident that we will do well and finish on time. I will let you know how things go. I am apparently “team leader” this time around. (Creepy side note: if you Google “web raising,” my site shows up third out of 123,000,000. :shock: Um, yes.)

Something that still irks me about last year is that the organization still has not put up the site we made for them (the one I subsequently spent four months working on – for free – during my internship). So frustrating. I can’t help but think they took advantage of Ai and me personally. We did everything for them for free, and now they’re just like, “oh, we don’t want to put it up yet.” Unbelievably insulting.

I’m currently overwhelmed with schoolwork. I have a 8-12 page paper to write this weekend, a Flash project to figure out (no idea what I’m doing), an XML project to come up with and implement, a test to study for, confusing readings to do, and a class to plan. :faint: The frustrating thing about the Flash project is that the teacher thinks I know how to do the stuff, but I really don’t. I’m told, “You can do it. You know how.” and left to fend for myself in Actionscript 2.0. Not fun.

I don’t want to teach the class, because that means that I have to understand the readings that we’re doing, and I generally don’t. I also have to make outlines for each of the readings, come up with activities for the class to participate in, and get snacks. I do have a partner (who seems lovely; the sort of person who does her homework and does it well) but just the thought of doing that makes me want to fall over.

The paper is giving me nightmares because my topic is stupid and I don’t know what to write about. The teacher and I came up with something yesterday that I should be able to look into, but I’m not optimistic.

I commented on Rose‘s site about having “Adventure Block,” where you don’t necessarily have writer’s block, because you can write about stuff, but you don’t have any interesting adventures to write about. I think the reason I haven’t been posting much lately (skipping days, putting up short posts) is because I’ve seen so many instances of people complaining about “daily minutiae blogs” where people say things like, “So today, I did this, and then this, and then I ate some food and went shopping, and then I came home blah blah blah” and that’s really all I have the brainpower for lately. I choose not to bore you to death with that (well, I try not to; I know I’m not the most interesting person on Earth) and so my posts are lacking.

It baffles me though, how some of those “daily minutiae blogs” get upwards of 25 comments per entry. Do they have a lot of readers that are into that sort of thing? Do they pay people to visit their site? How do posts like, “Omg sory I havent posted in so long, I lyk, had school lol and couldnt be bothered with my webby” get tons of comments? Augh. Makes no sense.

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  • Nicole says:

    Haha I don’t mind the daily life type posts. Hell, they are all I do too. It is hard to carry an exciting life and go to school. Well, I take that back. You CAN lead an exciting life and do OK in school, but if you have any dreams of A’s, weekends are spent pouring over homework, instead of exciting adventures.

    To me, I enjoy the every day tasks of life, and have never been bored with your blog. If you ever do decide to get a more adventuresome life, I am afraid I will be left in the dust.

    Sounds like those sites are just popularity counts. I rarely get comments, but that is ok. If a family member mentions they read my site I am tickled pink haha.

    Keep up the blogging, I enjoy reading your posts :)

    Good luck at the webraising. I will be at school most of tomorrow so I may see you there.