April 28, 2006 8:11 pm

Good luck Friday

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I had the greatest luck today. After class (where I forgot for the millionth time this term that I did, in fact, have homework to do) Daniel and I went shopping downtown. We stopped at Nordstrom Rack and didn’t find anything good; I tried on a pair of pants that said they were a size larger than what I normally wear, but I could barely get them on and then they just looked dumb because they were six inches too long and I got fed up and we left.

We moved on to Ross, where I don’t normally have that great of luck at finding stuff. We bought a set of sheets for fairly cheap, and I FOUND A DRESS. One that fit! It was amazing. It reminded me of the quality of Peaches Boutique’s blue HOCO dresses. I have only two crap pictures to show you:

New dress!

I’ve been looking for a dress like this FOREVER. It is not too casual, not too dressy, short-ish and (mostly) strapless. :D This is the only dress I own that I am likely to wear sometime in the future. The other is a mommy-and-me dress (my mom has one exactly like it) that she made for me a few years ago. It’s… okay. I’ve worn it once. Years ago. I may wear this dress to my brother’s graduation, weather permitting. It is fun and – best part – only $13 dollars. THIRTEEN. I have no idea how much it was originally but I do not care because it was on sale.

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  • Nicole says:

    very cute dress, I like it! I just went shopping today (every 6 month ritual for me) Normally I can not stand it. I was having HORRIBLE luck today. NOTHING fit. However, I finally found a ton of shirts I liked, and then bought bike shorts to wear under skirts, so I am happy

  • So cute!!!!!

    You know I love a good summer dress, and THAT is a good dress AND a bargin too, I have dress envy now.

  • Jamie says:

    That is an awesome dress. I love the colors!