April 12, 2006 11:45 pm

History Is History, Man.

:note: Jimmy Eat World – “The Authority Song”

Quote of the night, by Daniel: “I have a history of oscillating.”

He came over to give me a smooch before bed, and he was holding a cup of water. He balanced it on my knee during the smooch, and I made the comment that he should be careful or he might spill water all over me and my keyboard. He mimed like he was pouring water everywhere, and I said, “Ha ha, very funny. You know, you have a history of spilling water on your keyboard.”

He got a bit indignant and said that that makes him sound as if he goes around spilling water on keyboards all the time. I was like, no, I just said you have a history of doing that. Meaning you’ve done it at least once.

My example was if I went to superduperflyingpigs.com only once, it would still appear in my Internet History. Therefore, if he has spilled water on a keyboard once, it is in his history.

Then the running joke for the rest of the evening was that he had a “history” of trivial, weird things, like oscillating.

Also, I am so tempted to register superduperflyingpigs.com. You have no idea.

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