April 8, 2006 9:33 pm

Boring Day

:note: Foo Fighters

In no particular order, I:

Played Animal Crossing (almost done repaying my house, finally).
Ate some food.
Shopped at Urban Outfitters and found a shower curtain for $5.
Did some reading for Senior Seminar.
Dreamed about these shoes.
Looked up knitting patterns online (DORK, I know).
Got a coupon for free undies at Victoria’s Secret (SCORE!).
Browsed Flickr, saw lots of neat photos, favorited some.
Wondered if my family is back from Florida yet.

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  • callie says:

    I thought of your family when I read this recent bash.org quote:

    Oh shit I’m fucked
    I hid my weed in my PSP carrying case. So I get up to go get some and I can’t find it anywhere, then I realise my little brother must have taken it with him on the plane to Florida with my family… O_O

    And I laughed. Hahaha.

  • Meggan says:

    Bash.org brings so much joy to the world. :cheer: