April 7, 2006 8:29 pm

Pants, School, Money

:note: Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

I finally got around to measuring the inseam on the pair of pants I was wearing today, and lo and behold, I have a 26-inch inseam. No wonder it’s so hard for me to find pants. Jeezus. The shortest anything goes nowadays is 28″, and I’ve only seen that at Delias. Somewhere (I forget where – thought it was J Crew but I just checked and theirs is 30″) offers a 29.5″ inseam, and lots of places are starting to offer 30″ inseams. However, when one’s legs are barely over two feet long, 30″ is still 4″ too long. I can’t imagine how I got by when I used to buy normal people jeans with 32″ and 34″ inseams. Good lord.

This term is revving up to kick my ass. My senior seminar class sports about 40 pages (on average) of reading per week, plus weekly reading responses (1 page papers), plus one week where we actually have to teach the class about all topics read about that week. I have a Flash class, and I’m bad at Flash, so that’ll take some work. My Rapid Web Development class is a ton of work at the beginning of the term and not so much near the end (thank god) but I doubt I’ll be happy about that workload change until it actually happens.

Speaking of that class, Chris isn’t actually teaching it. :cry: A huge reason I wanted to take it was because Chris was teaching it, but apparently one of the new department directors that got hired halfway through last term decided to leave over break, so Chris has to find somebody to replace him and train that guy, and won’t be able to teach my class. They basically re-assigned him – he’d do it in a minute if he could. So, yeah. Lame. Fortunately, Chris handpicked the guy that will take over the class, and he’s very smart. His name is Roger, and he actually graduated from my school about a year ago, so I recognized him because I had him in a class or two back then. And now he’s teaching. Weird. Anyway, it’s still Chris’s syllabus, assignments and projects – Roger’s just teaching the class. So it could be much, much worse, but I’m still terribly disappointed.

Also, it turns out I’ve already taken my XML class before, albeit with a different course number and name. But it’s the same class. Tom said I could stay in it if I was challenged (the subject matter of this class is a bit different – more focused, I guess) and if it didn’t screw up my degree audit. Meaning, it has to be able to fit in somewhere. So I had to talk to my actual department director (Chris was out today) and he said he’d get back to me soon (meaning in a couple of hours) but that was at 3pm or so and I haven’t heard anything yet. So I don’t know what’s going on. The other issue is that there’s really not a lot for me to take at this point. I’ve taken most of the classes I need to take, so it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to find something that fits into my schedule that also fits into my degree audit and credit requirements. GAH.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about my money situation, because for the past year or so I’ve been taking out loans, paying my bill at the school, and getting the rest back as a refund to use on housing, groceries, etc. However, my latest loan ran out a term or two ago, so I’ve just been living off that last payout and the little bit I make by working part-time at the school. And it’s quickly running out. I have this whole list of stuff I’d like to buy, but feel like I shouldn’t because while I have the money for it at the moment, I shouldn’t use it on that stuff because I’ll need it in the future. My mom thinks I should survive on this much until June, wherein I should determine whether or not I’ll need to borrow money again (Um, YES!) and take out the loan then, enough to cover the next six months (which includes graduation, EEK!). It’s do-able, I suppose. It just won’t be pleasant.

Among that list of things to buy are:

  • a haircut (last one was, oh, in the beginning of November) ($45 plus tip)
  • these awesome slip-on Vans shoes at Urban Outfitters ($40)
  • some t-shirts for summer from Delias ($24-26 each)
  • a great t-shirt from Urban Outfitters online ($24)
  • a pair of 28″ inseam jeans from Delias ($40)

Then there are things that I actually really need to do, like pay Daniel back for his share of rent this month, buy my books for this term (got my reading packet for Senior Seminar, cost me $32 when she said it would only be $25), and get groceries and whatnot. Just… Ugh. I wish I had a ton of money to spend on things I want, rather than what I need.

Also, my apostrophe key decided to pretend a moment ago that it was the key command Ctrl+F in Firefox. So any time I try to type an apostrophe, it brings up the “Find” function. My directional arrow keys are not cooperating either. I may need to restart my computer.

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