April 3, 2006 10:16 pm

Communication Is Vital

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I can’t believe it’s April already. Daniel’s mom showed up today to visit and will be staying until Friday morning. This just sort of means there’s a complicated exchange of keys and phones and things since Daniel and I are rarely home at the same time.

Speaking of phones, Daniel finally gave in and got a cell phone (a nice black Nokia flip-phone) a week or so ago under his sister’s plan, so yay! Now I can get ahold of him! Except he apparently mentioned to me over a month ago (offhandedly) that if he ever agreed to having a cell he’d probably cancel the landline. So then, a month later, he caves on the cell and then just cancels the home phone without telling me he was going to. He mentioned the cancellation to me over lunch with Paul’s parents, on April 1st. The conversation went something like this:

Daniel: Oh, by the way, I cancelled our home phone this morning.
Meggan: Ha ha ha, April Fools.
Daniel: No, I’m serious.

I mean, really, it’s no big deal since I have a cell phone too, but both our phones are Idaho numbers (I’m still under my parent’s plan and they don’t make me pay for it :D) and I liked having a Portland number. I feel bad that anybody in Portland has to make a long distance call to get ahold of me. Hence the landline. But hey! Now it’s gone! And now I have to wrack my brain trying to think of how many different official documents I put the landline phone number on, because now nobody can get ahold of me! Fun! I changed it at the Registrar and the HR department at school (since I’m a student and a Student Worker, I had to talk to two different departments) and I just recently updated my address on my voter registration, so those should be okay. But still – a pain in the butt.

So yeah. The lesson that should be taken from this experience is that it’s nice to tell the person you live with that you’re planning on doing something important like cancelling your home phone instead of just doing it.

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  • Um, what if you have an emergency? Land lines are good, they are gooood.

    See now this is why you have to squash a mans free will.


    Ok I am mostly kidding about that.