March 21, 2006 1:47 pm

Tales From Finals Week WI/06

:note: Me First… – “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”

I can’t really form a coherent post, hence no update yesterday. This week is finals week and finals week means no coherent thoughts.

I bought “Small Pig” yesterday, which is seriously the greatest children’s book ever written.¹ I got the paperback because it was all they had, but man, if you have not experienced the glory that is Small Pig, you are totally missing out. I also got some book by Ray Bradbury that I’ve never heard of before because it was one dollar. I am rocking out with the bargain purchases this month. I feel like congratulating myself.

My first final went miserably, but that’s okay because it was worth a very small amount of our final grade. I answered some questions in a hilariously stupid way because I had no idea what it was talking about. For instance, one question said something like, “What was the name of Robert Frank’s book?” We have never talked about anybody named Robert Frank. I skip it and go on to the next question, which reads,

“Robert Frank is known for discussing:
a. something or other
b. something else
c. a nostalgic view of historic landscapes
d. a dim view of the American life”

or something like that. So I randomly choose option C and go back and answer the previous question with: “I Am Nostalgic About Historic Landscapes.”

I no doubt will be doing GREAT on this test. Maybe he will find humor in my futile answers and take pity on me and give me a good grade anyway.

Please go and play Thy Dungeonman. See if you can sort of work your way through it. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Okay. Now imagine programming that game in a language you don’t really know. HA HA HA HA HA HA. As much as I love Thy Dungeonman, I have never, once, felt the desire to create it. I have been avoiding this since last Friday. Last Friday, the day that I wasted an hour of class just waiting for the teacher to respond to my raised hand. I waited for a half an hour on two separate occasions, one of which he KNEW I was waiting when he helped, like, eight other people ahead of me. Did I mention that a few weeks ago, we did a “bubble form” review thing about the class (all classes have to do them as it gets closer to the end of the term) and that you have to use a #2 pencil to do them? And how the teacher passed out pencils to everyone in the class and gave me the only drawing pencil (the ones that are labeled 3B and 4H and are NOT IN ANY WAY A NUMBER TWO PENCIL) in the whole bucket? And how I am convinced he did it on purpose to render my review of him and his class unreadable to the bubble form scanner? Yeah.

I am more than looking forward to our vacation this weekend. The driving, not so much, but the hanging out with friends and getting away from school and work and everything. And swimming. We’ll pretend that I feel good about getting into a swimsuit in March. Oh! I have always dreamed about making the perfect Road Trip Mix CD. I am open to any recommendations. Already on the list are lots of Me First and the Gimme Gimmes songs, as well as that Eve 6 song about driving (“Open Road Song”).

¹ Also by Arnold Lobel, “Owl At Home,” one of my favorite books when I was small that continues to be one of my favorite books today. My favorite story is the one about the lumps in his bed.

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