March 14, 2006 4:40 pm

Boring Site Adjustments

:note: Atreyu

I’ve made a few changes around here and I’m pleased to announce that I now have clickable smilies enabled for comments. After reading a few things about it, I realized that this functionality was intended from the beginning and all I had to do was put the same PHP call in my comments.php page.

I also upgraded to WP 2.02 a few days ago and it seems to be doing okay. I was a little worried about my plugins not working, but the only one that got fouled up was WP Grins, and that was only because the call to display them got overwritten. I couldn’t remember how to add it back, and the solution I found was actually way better than the one I was initially using.

With the first one I used, you had you open at least three different files and put the call to display them in each one. This seemed redundant to me since I knew I could just add the WP Grins call under the Quicktags call, wherever that might be. I found Podz’s guide to implementing WP Grins (scroll to the bottom) and it was exactly what I needed. Yay! :D

I also fiddled around with some things so now whenever I comment, I’ve got this nifty little star next to my name and my text is black instead of dark gray.

I’ve obviously been avoiding homework all day.

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  • Rose says:

    I really like my clickable smily script, although it was made for older versions of wordpress and had to be edited a bit. Other than that, it was the easiest and cleanest one I could find :good:

    *plays* :? :D :P :x :kawaii: :madeup:

  • Meggan says:

    The funny thing about the smilies is that they’ve really been enabled from the beginning, but you’d have to guess at what the “accessor” code was. Like, is the lightbulb :lightbulb: or is it something else? (It is.) If you guessed it, it’d show up, but I didn’t even remember most of them. So yeah, smilies. I just thought it’d be fun to add them for the commentors. :D