March 12, 2006 9:01 pm

Knitting Progress

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I’ve decided I’m going to (re)start my knitting career by making a dishcloth. Yup. How very glamourous of me. I thought about making a scarf, but I started it too wide to begin with and then I think I really need bigger needles to make it less… stiff. The needles I’m using are 7’s – I got them at Goodwill yesterday for $2, along with the yarn. They’re good for dishcloth-type-things, but nothing too loose or flowy. It’d be like trying to wear a scarf made of cardboard.

Here’s my progress so far, since last night:

knitting progress

Mouse status: seen once today, bringing the total sightings up to two. Daniel has yet to see it. When I saw it, I shrieked “A MOUSE! THE MOUSE AGAIN!” and it got scared and ran away. Again.

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  • Morgwileth says:

    hehe, talk about scarfs getting to wide…^^
    i started over TWICE with my first one, even when I was quite far, and the final scarf is still extremely wide (and extremely long). though after the second start over i had so much practise that I only needed about a week for the whole thing. and the first one was also much so stiff, so I just continued knitting very loosely (after the start over’s), which worked very fine for me ;)

  • Sarah says:

    You should try getting some 16’s. Those were the first size of needle I ever had and they’re freaking HUGE. Think railroad spikes.

  • Meggan says:

    16’s?!? They’d be GIGANTIC! I have an 11 (it came with the 7’s, but there’s only one) and it looks huge. I can’t even imagine trying to knit with 16’s.