March 11, 2006 11:56 pm

Knitting and Mice

:note: Opeth’s Blackwater Park

I taught myself to knit about 15 minutes ago. Well, more accurately, I re-learned to knit. I first learned when I was 10 and in 4-H, and I absolutely despised i—

Um, this post has been interrupted because THERE IS A MOUSE IN OUR APARTMENT. YES, I SAID IT, A MOUSE. I was over here, typing away when I watched it scurry behind the Poof Chair toward the kitchen, stop, and scurry back toward the corner. I screamed (well, yelled really, an AHHHHH! noise moreso than an EEEEE! noise) and Daniel jumped up from the Poof Chair and his video game and I shrieked “A MOUSE! THERE IS A MOUSE BEHIND YOU!” and it was all very loud and scary for the mouse I’m sure, and now he’s hiding. Somewhere. In the apartment.

We pulled back the couch to find him, and no mouse, but sure enough, mouse poop. Side note: over in the corner where the non-functional radiator and the built-in bookcase are, there was a weird… “open” area when we moved in, so I just covered it with a piece of cardboard. Upon further investigation tonight, the cardboard is bent (as if a mouse pushed under it) and the other wall just stops and the carpet stops and there’s a couple-inch-wide gap where you can just see dirt. Like, there’s not really a corner to the wall, it just goes directly to “under the building.” Fantastic. :faint:

I don’t know how I missed that when we moved in. There’s seriously no corner to that wall.

wall gap

On the right, you can see the bent cardboard, and to the top of the photo is the, um, gap. Obvious, no? Maybe the lighting was just bad – we didn’t notice it tonight even until Daniel got down there with a flashlight. And sorry for the weird rotation; it looked worse at the angle I took the photo, I rotated it so it’d be easier to understand, I guess. I already called local pest control companies to come and inspect our house and do an extermination. I was also advised to schedule pest control services every now and then to ensure my home won’t be invaded by pesky critters again.

Anyway, the gap. And the mouse. And I re-learned how to knit, I think. I casted on a bunch of stitches correctly and got one row actually knitted. I may make a scarf. You know, now that it’s getting to be less cold here. I’m still on a mission to make a Gryffindor scarf someday.

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  • Morgwileth says:

    Haha, how funny, everyone starts to knit ;) I re-taught myself to knit two months or so ago and I already made an extremely long scarf and a sock (yes, one. I’m to lazy to start the second one). Right now I’m back to making a square piece of something which is supposed to become a thing to put a book in. (o_O) I’ve also been thinking about a Ravenclaw or Slytherin scarf, but I don’t think I’ll have the energy right now to make another scarf…. Maybe next winter ^^

  • Melissa says:

    Holy crap, what is it with all of the knitting fanatics online??? I can sooo not picture me learning how to knit!

  • Heidi says:

    You know the best way to deal with mice…. move to a higher apartment. Mice are afraid of heights. And it is such a bitch to type with these nails. MUAH!!