March 9, 2006 11:58 pm

Shopping Extravaganza

:note: Seinfeld season 5

To recap, Heidi got in Sunday morning, we hung out for a while on Monday and she and Daniel made a vegan pineapple upside-down cake and I took a nap, Daniel’s birthday was on Tuesday, and she left Wednesday afternoon.

Tuesday began with breakfast at the Vivace crepery. I got the cinnamon and butter, Heidi got the honey and sliced almond, and Daniel got the whipped cream cheese and raspberry jam. I took some photos, it started to rain, we walked around.

We did tons of shopping – I spent a hundred dollars I probably shouldn’t have, but I got a bunch of new cool things that I needed so I think that justifies it. First purchase: a five dollar t-shirt at Urban Outfitters. I could not belive that a $30 shirt would be marked down that much, but it was, so I bought it. Second purchase: a sweater. Um, from the GAP. Two things about this: I don’t buy sweaters, and I don’t go into the GAP. The GAP freaks me out. However, I have been dreaming about this sweater for ages. It is a nice, non-descript, charcoal gray v-neck sweater with nothing weird going on. It was marked down from $40-something to $25. I couldn’t resist.

Then we went to a few other places and ended up at Ross. I found two (count them, TWO!) pairs of pants that fit! One pair was black and made of swooshy material and I think they’re called gauchos? I don’t know. They sort of look like a skirt because they’re so swooshy and stuff. My descriptions are awesome, I know. And then I found a pair of nice gray dress pants with blue pinstripes. I don’t even think I own any dress pants anymore. Nothing I could wear to a job interview. The only problem with those is that they’re, um, about six inches too long. BUT! That can be fixed. They were only $11. Pants that fit for $11 but are a bit long? Sold. I also bought a mirror to hang in our apartment (only $8) and a pair of heavily marked down DC skate shoes (black with purple). Total win!

On to Buffalo Exchange, where I can never, ever find anything I actually like, much less find anything I like that I’d be willing to buy, I found a $20 pair of jeans that fit! AMAZING. I had three bouts of good luck with pants in one day!

Anyway, then yesterday Heidi and I went to get our nails done – she wanted fake nails (acrylics?) and I just wanted a manicure. This experience was really awkward considering neither of us could really understand anything the nail ladies were saying. I accidentally almost got us both an eyebrow wax – that part was funny. The rest of it was awkward. But I have pretty sparkly purple nails now, with only one significant chip in the polish.

It poured down rain on the way to walking Heidi to the train station, which sucked since I didn’t bring an umbrella and since we were carrying at least two bags each. But we made it, and she got on the train fine. It was, oh, about three hours late getting into Sandpoint, but she made it. It got in at 5:30am and she had to be at work at 6:30. Eeesh.

Speaking of not sleeping much, I’m going to try to do my homework in the morning, so I’ll be going to bed now and I’ll try to be refreshed for tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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