March 2, 2006 11:01 pm

Gears Are Turning

:note: Foo Fighters

So. I had an impromptu meeting with the Department Director that I adore because he is not only hilarious but extraordinarily helpful, and things are looking up. He said that a few of my points have been brought up by other students (wouldn’t tell me which points, though) and not even students from this class, so I am most definitely not alone.

My instructions are to take my concerns to the teacher (soon-ish) and then if nothing improves (or, god forbid, it gets worse) then I am to go back to the Dept. Director and he’ll get on the teacher’s case about it. While I’m not stoked about having to actually talk to the teacher myself, it’s good to know that the Dept. Director will intervene on my behalf if it doesn’t go well from here on out. Such a relief. I mean, I’m still going to fail tomorrow’s assignment, but maybe some good can come of it. :smirk:

Sorry for the super-short, lame update, but things might be looking up and I am so effing tired I could fall over. So I’m off to bed. :supertired:

P.S. You can see my group’s site buildout for ISBR here. It’s still not finished, but I’m excited about it.

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  • It sucks that you have to be the one to talk to your instructor, but at least your points are being brought to the Director. It’s the only way things will change, as it sounds like your instructor is hellbent on being obtuse.
    Hope it goes well for you with a minimum of (additional) bullshit.