February 26, 2006 3:14 pm


:note: Daniel singing that “Steal My Sunshine” song by Len

Last night at about 11:30pm, Daniel got the urge to eat some doughnuts. Since we live in this wonderful city, we have access to the only doughnut shop open from 10pm to 10am – Voodoo Doughnuts. They’ve got the craziest menu ever – doughnuts with bacon, Tang, Cap’n Crunch… Apple fritters the size of your HEAD… The whole works. He came back with three doughnuts: a normal chocolate one, a Vegan maple bar, and a Tang doughnut. He ate a Vegan chocolate one on the way home, so he gave me the normal chocolate one and we shared the other two.

After we went to bed, I had a dream that I was on vacation at a sort of arts and crafts place, and my grandma and a few other relatives were there, as well as Daniel. My grandma made us macaroni and cheese and I ended up being served last. She filled up my bowl, but there was still a smidgen of macaroni left in the pot, so I suggested she just give me the rest so it didn’t go to waste. She agreed to give me the rest of the macaroni but whined “Ohhhh, Meggan!” like it was a horrible idea that would make me fat. I said fine, don’t give me the macaroni, but she did anyway and mumbled something about me getting fatter.

Then in the dream, we were having doughnuts for dessert and everybody kept trying to give me one but I kept refusing and nobody understood why. Finally I blurted out the reason, which was something along the lines of, “I don’t need anymore! Even my own grandmother thinks I’m too fat already!”

And then Daniel and I were walking around a town at night when we came across a shop. It was either a coffee shop or a doughnut shop (god, I know, what’s with all the doughnuts?) but I instinctively knew that Daniel worked there. We came around a corner and saw two men robbing the store. I thought I knew one of them, so I started talking to him but he pulled a gun on me and I just stared, because the gun was wrapped in a plastic sandwich baggie. I presume it was to keep his fingerprints off of it, but seriously, a plastic sandwich baggie? What sort of criminal was he?

As this guy is pointing the gun at me, Daniel wanders off and I realize that he’s using a cell phone to call the police. I stalled the guys until the police showed up and the robbers got caught. And then I think I woke up. And I think I won’t eat doughnuts ever again.

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