February 20, 2006 6:01 pm


:note: Foo Fighters – whatever the newest CD is

Today has been sucky. I had to register so I was up way, way early (woke up at 4:20ish early), and I just want to nap. I kept almost falling asleep in class this afternoon even though I had coffee with me.

Yesterday was officially the last day in business of the coffee shop that Daniel worked at. They had the employees come in today to do a final clean-up of the store, and they got done really early so they all went to lunch and then he hung out at a friend’s house and played Guitar Hero all afternoon. Meanwhile, I got a 100% on my take-home, write-it-yourself midterm and a 95% on my photo project. And I have a ten page paper due in two weeks.

I’m exhausted and cranky. Other things are going on in my head that I don’t really want to talk much about, and it’s driving me insane and I just want it to stop. I’m just… frustrated. Frustrated and tired. Tons of people have started direct linking my artwork in the last couple of months or so, so I took the whole section down. You can’t even access it from my index page – I just hadn’t deleted any files from when I upgraded to WP2.0 and started over and people have been getting to them (I’m sure by using a Google image search) and stealing them and putting them on their MySpace pages. I found another one this weekend – some guy had taken the Type O Negative CD cover project I did over a year and a half ago (yeah, the one that isn’t real?) and posted it in a comment on some random girl’s page, like, “No hope, no fear” except he spelled fear “f-a-r-e.” UGH. I replaced it with my direct-linking image, but I doubt she’ll delete it, so it’ll just sit there and suck up bandwith forever and ever.


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  • Meagan says:

    lil megg. just want you to know that we here in the north love you. bad days suck, totally, and it’s nice to wallow in the badness–it makes you feel better, I think:) but, I don’t want you to wallow for too long–if you need anything, let me know–


  • Rose says:

    why isn’t the passswoordd workingggggggg
    *childish moan*

    Nice work on the marks! *envies*

  • Zombie_Flyboy says:

    Holy crap!

    This place looks great. I love this.

    Way to go Meggan.