February 16, 2006 9:10 pm

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

:note: Scissor Sisters – “Filthy Gorgeous (ATOC vs SuperBuddha Remix)

Yesterday, I tied for the highest grade in the class on my Sociology test. I got a 59/60. Paul and I made a bet that whoever got the better score – by at least three points – had to buy the other lunch. Needless to say, I totally won. :P Paul was a good sport about it though. Kudos to Paul.

I also discovered yesterday that someone I (barely) know has made an “art project” for me out of a photo of me they stole off of my MySpace profile. I would like to say to that person, because I know they’ve looked at my site before and are likely to look at it again: DO NOT EVER DO THAT AGAIN. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming that it was all done in a friendly nature, but it creeped me out something awful. And I’m all about the creepy – I can do creepy. This, however, was blatantly taking a photo of mine, manipulating it into a weird fan-art type thing without my permission, and I BARELY KNOW YOU. Had you asked my permission, I probably would have said no, but at least you would have asked. I just want to make it clear that I am not cool with you doing what you did. I understand you’ve apologized, so I’d like to just drop this whole thing and forget it ever happened, and I suggest you do the same.

Today, I received Bubs‘ valentine in the mail today! Thanks, Bubs! It’s awesome. I hope you like yours; I drew it in Illustrator based off of some frame-able things IKEA put out a while ago. I thought the animals were adorable.

I also left class early (8pm instead of when it ends, 9:45pm) and came home to an empty house. I’ve no idea where Daniel is at the moment, but he didn’t take his iPod with him so he can’t be too far.

My cousin had her baby a few weeks ago (Jan. 29th) – she’s the one I went to the baby shower for over Thanksgiving break. They had a baby boy and his name is Connor. They sent a picture in the birth announcement and I can’t quite tell who he looks like yet, but he’s pretty cute for a newborn. So, yay for baby Connor!

I don’t have school tomorrow, because Monday is President’s Day. Yeah, I know. But we’ve already had a Monday off this term, and they don’t want us to miss too many of the same classes, so they’ve made Friday our day off instead. We have to register on Monday, so I have to be up insanely early. Next term is going to sort of suck, because I’ll have five classes instead of four, including Senior Seminar which is basically a huge research paper akin to writing your thesis. :| I am not enthused.

[edit: 11:43pm]
Forgot to add: There was a house fire in the apartment building next to ours yesterday. Daniel was home when it happened, and started smelling a weird, electrical-fire type smell. He wasn’t too alarmed at first, since Portland (oddly) smells like that a lot. That and toast. Anyway, after a while, it was getting worse and he was sniffing his computer and stuff and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from, so he finally went outside. There were a ton of fire trucks and police cars and an ambulance (just in case, I think) and an apartment was on fire. Crazy. There was a pile of random stuff (jeans, cups, miscellaneous paper items) in their driveway/parking lot thing when I went to work this morning. I feel so bad for those people, that has to suck something terrible. And now our apartment smells like burning and sort of like tuna melts and general weirdness. :o

Oh, and I think I figured out why our apartment was smelling like death there for a while. Daniel was really the only one that noticed it at first, but then I started smelling it, and I thought it sort of smelled like urine. Fantastic, no? Then I went to do laundry the other day, and realized that all of our dirty dish towels had been sitting in a milk crate in the kitchen, with a bunch of plastic grocery bags on top of them. Yeah. Totally gross, I know. So I grabbed them to throw them in with my laundry, and OH MY GOD they smelled so bad. Not like the death/urine smell, but just bad. Soggy, old dishtowel bad. Since I washed them, there hasn’t been any death/urine smell, so I’m pretty positive that’s what it was. Ew.

I swear we are not gross people. These are separate, coincidental smelly occasions.

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  • Aneesah says:

    Ewww, old dishcloth smell. X( Not the most pleasant thing to imagine about.

    Sorry to hear about the fire, did they know what caused it? I’ve never had a fire anywhere nearby, excapt purposely-made fires to burn garbage and whatnot. (Although that might be illegal. xD) What did you mean by “tuna melts”? Tuna melting? Is there some sort of food name tuna melts? O_o

    And, I would be freaked out as well if somebody took my picture and manipulated it. I wouldn’t mind if the asked for permission beforehand, though. Hmm, actually, I did that once with Echo of echoia.com, I tried to do a portrait of her and saved a picture from her site, but fortunately she didn’t mind at all when she saw my work in progress. =D

    I’ve never finished that painting.

  • Meggan says:

    We don’t know what caused the fire. And yeah, a “Tuna Melt” is a food. You take a piece of bread (or an English Muffin or something) and put tuna and cheese on it, and melt the cheese. I think they’re pretty good, but I don’t want my apartment smelling like them. :P

    I think the difference between your portrait of Echo and this project is that you seem much more familiar with Echo than I am with this guy. (Correct me if I’m wrong.) Basically, I wouldn’t have been nearly as weirded out if we would have been friends first.