February 8, 2006 3:22 pm

Everything Is Hurt-y

:note: Daniel playing Guitar Hero

Remember me mentioning that I bought some exercise DVDs? Well, I’ve been trying them out, and yesterday I did one of them for the first time and now I feel like I’m going to die. My legs are so sore. Trying to sit down hurts, trying to stand hurts, walking hurts. It’s awful. I suppose that means that it’s working and that I did something productive yesterday, but OMG. Ow. :faint:

One of Daniel’s friends from work brought over his PS2 and Guitar Hero (this new game you play with a plastic guitar, kind of like Dance Dance Revolution but for your fingers) and they stuck around for hours last night messing with it. The guy let Daniel keep it for tonight too, so Daniel wants Paul to come over after class to test it out. I played it a few times and didn’t do too badly; they give you a percentage of notes hit (my highest is 97%) and a rating out of five stars, and they also tell you how many successive notes you hit. It’s pretty fun. I actually did a lot better than I thought I was going to, especially since I had Daniel and two other guys (Tom came over too) watching me.

Speaking of that, Daniel went totally crazy yesterday trying to clean before they came over. Nothing was really that bad, but he zoomed around the apartment grabbing things left and right and he organized and cleaned and instructed me to take out the recycling while he was at work because, you know, he did clean the rest of the apartment for me. :P I did my duty though, and even vacuumed afterward because it was all paper recycling and shreds of paper (from my failed attempt to make pretty paper snowflakes the day it snowed here) got all over the floor by the box. So, hey! Our apartment is freakishly clean!

I’ve got a test today (first one in the class) so wish me luck. I think I’ll do okay; we’re allowed one 3.5×5″ note card with which to write notes on, so I’ve got my card all done and I think I know a lot of the information anyway.

Ow. The phone just rang and Daniel was in the middle of a song, so I tried to stand up to answer it. I totally cracked my kneecap on the edge of my computer desk in the process (not to mention how bad the actual act of standing hurts), and then it turned out just to be a stupid courtesy call. UGH. :(

Off to take a shower now. Today has been a wonderful, lazy day so far.

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