February 5, 2006 12:49 pm


:note: Moonspell

I have come down with a cold. A horrible, horrible, snuffly, sneezing, watery-eyes cold. I say everything like dis, an I hab a hard tibe breathink through by dose. Ohhh, it’s awful. I hate colds. Um, so I’ll just be lurking around the house all day, using up my stockpile of Kleenex.

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  • Oh sweetie! I hope your feeling better soon!

    Just remember it could be worse. Like for instance today Moo had a puppy poo doodie accident in the house, and before I could get to it Hermione walked right into the nice fresh pile and then proceded to run from me as I tried to catch her and put her outside.

    Poo prints. Everywhere.

    See? The stuffed up nose doesnt seem so bad now huh.

    Feel better soon lady

  • Elea says:

    Plenty of fluids, lots of rest, plus some good cold medicine is my prescription! I find it highly effective. ;p

    Feel better!