January 31, 2006 9:50 pm

In The Trash

:note: Johnny Cash – “Ring Of Fire”

Excuse me, I need to rant a bit.

Daniel left for work today and promptly returned home within 20 minutes. Needless to say, I was pretty surprised so I asked what was up. Apparently, what was up was that his store manager (whom we’ll call DB – you work it out.) had “cleaned” the break room, which translated into taking every single item in the room and throwing it into the dumpster.

Let that sink in for a minute.

This is a break room. People at this store do not typically wear their work clothes (khaki pants and a white collared shirt) to work. Ergo, tons of people’s work clothes and shoes were in the break room when DB “cleaned” it, as were a bunch of the corporate-sponsored aprons. And DB took them and threw them all in the dumpster. So when Daniel got to work, his work clothes and apron were in the dumpster along with coffee grounds, old food, and general trash.

And what did DB have to say when Daniel asked about his work clothes? “Uh, well, I think I told everybody, and there was a memo. Sorry.” So now Daniel’s out a $20 polo shirt he bought specifically for work, as well as a pair of khakis and (I think) one of his two issued aprons. Thank god he didn’t leave his shoes there like he was thinking about doing a few days ago. He did look through the trash for the clothes, but he said they were so gross that it wasn’t even worth salvaging them.

As it turns out, the “telling everybody” and “a memo” amounted to asking two other employees if any of their stuff was in the break room. That’s it. There was no memo. There was no telling everyone. Daniel knows of at least three other people’s clothes that ended up in the dumpster, because they had no idea DB was going to “clean out the break room” even though he claimed everyone knew.

Ever since they found out this store was closing, morale has dropped pretty low, but nothing near as bad as this.

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