January 25, 2006 5:35 pm

Crazy, Crazy Day

:note: Weltenbrand – “Fovea Diaboli”

Today has been crazy! I dragged myself out of bed at noon, as per usual. Daniel left for work, and I played Animal Crossing for a while. Then I heard a suspicious buzzing noise and after several buzzes I realized that it was my phone which I had left on vibrate.

The call was from Callie, informing me that some construction workers accidentally tore down a power line and the whole area around there (which included my school) was out of power, and that the school was closed for the rest of the day! No school means no class tonight, which means no paper is due! WOO!

They picked me up about ten minutes later and we went to the PSU campus to play pool. I’m not very good, but I made an incredible bank shot once that everyone seemed impressed by.

The we decided to go to Target. I wanted to get a new vacuum, because the one that we got for $10 at a thrift store has turned out to be incredibly crappy. We’d been using it to do our job around the apartment building (vacuuming, sweeping, garbage-emptying) and it was lame and old and sucky and it doesn’t have a belt (who knew?) and we just needed a real vacuum. We hadn’t heard anything from the management place for over a month (we asked them to provide supplies and they said they would, but they hadn’t), so we figured they just forgot about us again or something.

So I spend $50 on a nice little basic Dirt Devil vacuum, and I found a tea kettle for $6. Daniel got some sort of French Press coffee maker from work, and it wants you to heat water before you put it in, or something like that. Anyway, he wanted a tea kettle and I found one for cheap.

We drive back into Portland.

I unlock our apartment door and open it to see that our place has finally deemed it fit to bestow a vacuum and a broom upon us.

And come to find out? The $6 tea kettle was actually a $24 tea kettle sitting in the $6 place. Yeah. So I spent an extra $70 today that I didn’t actually have to spend. Fantastic.

But! I don’t have to go to class, nor do I have to write my paper until later. Things are going well. :D

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  • Melissa says:

    It’s so weird to hear people talking about class. Then there’s me and my lazy ass who doesn’t start the real semester until April…and I don’t even want to do that!

  • Are you gonna take the vaccum you bought back? I would. And that is so the way things always seem to work huh

  • Meggan says:

    Yeah, I’m totally going to take it back. That, and the incredibly overpriced tea kettle. It was in the $6 spot… I thought it was the $6 one. Bleh. :|