January 8, 2006 9:54 pm


:note: Animal Crossing theme song!

Blame it on Daniel – He got me the GameCube game “Animal Crossing” for Christmas, and it is SO ADDICTING. I have been playing it all day. I kid you not – he left for work at 12:20 or so, and I just now put it down at 9pm. Disgusting, I know. But OMG, it is so much fun. You’re this little person who moves into a town (which you get to name; mine is named Buttons) and you get a house and can go fishing and you can dig up fossils and either sell them or donate them to the museum. You can catch bugs and collect oranges and there’s so much stuff to do! It moves in real time, so I’ve been cheating and resetting the clock so I can get my mail faster. I love it. :cheer:

Today has been terribly uneventful, save for the time I made Daniel spill an entire glassful of water on the kitchen floor, my ass, and the table. He was insisting he could dance with me while holding the glass of water, and I said he couldn’t. So he tries, and it works. No spillage. I say hmmph! and pull my arms down and (on accident!) cause the cup to flip out of his hand and spill ALL OVER THE FLOOR. :blush: Whoops. It took an entire bath towel to mop it up.

I start school again tomorrow. I’m not super excited, but whatever. It’s school. Do I have to be excited? This term, I kind of got stuck with classes that could fill in some of my electives as opposed to ones that I’m really stoked about. Hopefully next term will have more promising class choices…

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  • Paul says:

    well I finally went through and read all your bloggy goodness. Man… good times, I’m glad you and Dan had a good holiday season.

    Friends in France and Iraq… more on that when we get together sometime soon!

    cheers meggz and dizle.

  • Im glad to hear thats a good game, I got it for nicks 8 year old niece, sounds like she is prolly enjoying it if you think its fun. And your site looks great baby.