December 27, 2005 1:06 am


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I just got the shock of my life.

Foundation Portfolio A
Database Management Concepts A
Psychology of Creativity B+
Environmental Science A
GD Internship PA

Somebody tell me how the fuck I pulled off an A in Foundation Portfolio? Huh? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? There was a bit of a fiasco involving that class that I didn’t mention here because… Well, because it was embarrassing. I turned my portfolio in only half done. You just don’t do that. I had the whole term to finish it, and yet I turned it in unfinished and had to present it to the class like that. One of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever done, I’d say. And I still got an A. I even turned in my package design late (on Friday, the class was on Wednesday) without my branded resume. Sometimes this school frustrates me – I deserved a C at best, if she was being generous. I’m not saying I’d like it changed, but I don’t understand how this stuff continues to happen to me.

And of all classes to break my straight As, Psychology did me in. It was that essay, the one I did at 4am that I got a B on. I think I did well on everything else. (You’ll notice here that my definition of “well” is probably a bit different from your own, and that’s okay. I know I’m weird.)

The internship class was Pass/Fail, so I knew I was going to pass. I must have done well on the final in E. Science to pull my grade up to an A, since I got a C on the midterm… Though all my other assignments were As, I think, so that helped too I’m sure.

Seriously though, what is up with the A in FP? I really honestly thought I was going to get a C at best. I was betting on a D. I deserved that D. At least I felt like I did. I don’t ever want to think about that class again.

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  • Personally, I think your instructor gave you the A because you intimidate everyone with your towering presence and your malevolent glare. How do you think I graduated Magna Cum Laude? ;)

  • Trinity says:

    Oh, wow! Congrats on the grades! I’ve personally not seen a semester like that in a few years :D

    Damn, you presenting half-complete work and still receiving an A makes me think that I should hsve done a half-complete presentation…

  • Elea says:

    Well, better to receive a grade higher than you expected than one lower, eh? It does seem a little puzzling, considering you didn’t finish a project, but…oh well. Chalk it up to you making a good impression on the professor anyway or something. And…if you ever get a D when you deserve an A, well…you can call it even. =p

  • I knew you would rock, little Miss Hermione Granger.

    ( I added the last name so you didnt think I was calling you my dog)