December 26, 2005 4:28 pm

Day After Christmas

:note: whatever the boys are listening to

This Christmas was interesting gift-wise, because since I’m over 18, aunts and uncles shouldn’t/don’t really feel compelled to give me gifts, yet some do anyway (thanks guys!). And since they don’t really know what I want, they either give me cash or gift cards. The payout this year:

  • $75 gift card to VS from aunt and uncle in Idaho
  • $50 cash from aunt and uncle in Arizona
  • $15 cash from aunt and uncle here
  • $50 from uncle and aunt here

And then the clincher, a $250 gift certificate to from my parents for the purpose of getting a Kitchen Aid mixer. :D I told my mom it was the only thing I wanted for Christmas, and she freaked out and said she couldn’t get it because it was, and I quote, “A WEDDING GIFT!” I said fine, whatever. Then later I was talking about gifts and mentioned that I wanted it but that she had refused to even consider it, she said, “Oh, well, I suppose maybe we could do it, if I don’t find anything else for you.” Then all the presents were opened and I hadn’t gotten it (which didn’t surprise me) and then there was this gift certificate! My parents typically get me something big each year, whether it be for Christmas or my birthday (one year it was a stereo, one year it was my computer, etc) so it wasn’t as big of a surprise as it could have been, but I just didn’t think I’d get anything big this year. I’ll order it once I get back home, just so it doesn’t try to get delivered while nobody’s there.

Heidi’s picking me up today and I’ll spend the night in town so I can be there to pick up Daniel when he gets off the train. We’ll go to sleep, and then wake up and have Christmas! It’ll be the fourth one for me this year – we celebrated with Mom’s side on the 23rd, Dad’s side on the 24th, Mom’s side again (just for a bit) on the 25th, and then we’ll be celebrating again with Daniel’s family on the 27th. Silly.

Oh, and then as a present to myself, I purchased one of those “$1.99 for one use” ringtone thingybobs on my phone and got myself a sweet Type O Negative ringtone. Previously, I had The Safety Dance (by Men Without Hats) and the Numa Numa Song (“Mai-ah-hee…”). I wanted a Killswitch Engage one, but couldn’t find it and I’ve wanted the TON one for a while so I just got that instead. So yay! My phone plays “Love You To Death” when somebody calls me. :)

Heidi will be here soon, so I will go. I hope you all had a lovely holiday!

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