December 24, 2005 12:20 pm

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out

:note: Landen playing guitar

As some of you may well know, Christmas Eve is more of a Christmas to me than the actual Christmas Day is. This is because for some strange, unknown reason, my dad’s side of the family celebrates it on the 24th. I kind of like it, because then it means that Daniel (theoretically) could come over for “Christmas” and not miss any of his family’s stuff, and I can go over on actual Christmas and not miss my family’s stuff. It works out nicely.

The other bizarre tradition involves eating fried oysters for dinner. I personally think they’re revolting, but I guess it’s not up to me. So that’s in my future for today, as is the requisite church service. My only consolation is that since Christmas is on a Sunday and we just went to church the night before, we might not have to go that day. Heh.

Last night we played my new CatchPhrase game and had lots of fun and made lefse (yes, again) and ate too much food and opened some presents. My aunt gave each of us a $75 gift card (mine was to Victoria’s Secret), basically because she hasn’t gotten any of us gifts for the last two Christmases or birthdays and she’s making up for it now. Fine with me, I could totally use new stuff from VS. My mom got me some clothes, most of which were kind of questionable (Barbie-pink sweater, anyone?) but the chocolate-y brown pants were very nice.

After all the guests left, I had Mom open my Christmas present to her. It was the movie “A Christmas Story” (the one with the kid in the bunny suit and everyone says “You’ll shoot your eye out!”) so we watched that as a family. I love that movie. I think my mom did too, so that’s cool.

My dad is mad at my brother at the moment because it is currently 12:20 in the afternoon and HE STILL HASN’T GOTTEN OUT OF BED. You know, god forbid he sleep in during his Christmas vacation when we have no obligations until 4pm. The horrors. :roll:

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