December 18, 2005 12:36 pm

The Day Almost Ruined Christmas

:note: The B-52’s – “Theme For A Nude Beach”

I decided to do a lot of my shopping online this year, as I hate leaving the house and it’s easier for me to find good presents when they’re just a click away. I found some good things at Amazon and hit “order.” Everything I ordered said “In stock. Ships within 24 hours.” so I figured I’d be safe, especially since I ordered it December 5.

Last week sometime, they sent me this email like, “Oh, sorry, there’s going to be a delay, probably won’t receive anything before December 23.” I panicked, because I leave for home tomorrow the 19th. Christmas was going to be ruined! No presents for anyone! The horror!

I finally worked out a system where people would still receive their presents, but it would have to be after Christmas when Daniel came to visit. He could bring the remaining presents with him and we could have a late Christmas or something. I was still pretty sad about this idea, since it means saying “oh, I did buy you a present, but um, I don’t have it.” on Christmas morning, which is just pitiful. But really, it was the only solution. He could just wait for it to come in the mail and then bring it with him when he came to visit.

In the excitement of yesterday’ cookie making extravaganza, I totally forgot to get the mail. I remembered about that just now and ran across the hall to see if we got anything. I grabbed the ubiquitous “pre-approved for a credit card” junk mail and almost missed the little slip of paper underneath it. The slip of paper which read, “PACKAGE IN PARCEL BOX 1P.”

You can see where this is going.

So, hurray! Christmas is not ruined, I have the presents, and now I can wrap them and not have to say “oh sorry, no present yet” on Christmas.

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  • nicole says:

    Yippie! I hope you have a great time back home. Hope you are enjoying the snow before you leave :)

  • Meggan says:

    Hehehe, yes, Daniel actually called me from work to tell me it was snowing. We “shrink-wrapped” the windows here because it was so drafty, so now we can’t look through the blinds to see the weather.

  • Jem says:

    Well, I’m glad (sorry) that Amazon has f*cked someone else about!

    I ordered my brother’s christmas present about two months ago. Figured I’d get it in early, have it ready so there wouldn’t be a last minute rush. Anyway, about 3 weeks after I placed the order I got a message saying it’d be delayed.. no problem, still had over a month to go. It was due to arrive around about Dec 10th. The day it was due to arrive I got another e-mail saying that “oh, sorry, we don’t have it in stock after all”. I’ve spent a week trying to find this item in stock elsewhere – no luck. Did find an alternative present at a local toy store, went back today to get one and now THAT’S sold out. I’m not impressed with Amazon for tossing me about. :p