December 12, 2005 3:10 pm


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OMG today was busy at work. It’s the first Monday of finals, and seemingly EVERYBODY needed prints, and they all needed them on the Epson printer. Which is fine. Except when people start coming by with 20 sheets of paper needing them on the Epson, because that job alone will take anywhere from four to five hours. The other option is the Xerox, which typically gets done faster, but it somehow got a label sheet jammed in itself and the Print Service Center guys had to call a tech, and so we couldn’t do any prints on the Xerox for a few hours, and probably still aren’t doing them as we speak.

I had one girl get really indignant that I wanted a black and white proof (just a crappy bw laser printout) of her Quark document. We do the proof just in case any images or fonts are different or don’t show, we can look at the proof and know they’re different/missing and can call and have them bring in a new file. Otherwise, files will just be printed with default fonts and missing images and nobody wants that. The girl was like, “I don’t have time for that.” And I was like, “Well, it’d only take a second – you just go into any of the computer labs and–” and she cut me off and was like, “FINE. I’ll take it elsewhere. I don’t have time for that.”
Okay. *shrug* We do it to save you time. Otherwise, you’ll get your file back and if anything’s wrong, you now don’t have time to reprint it. Or if you do, we might not have time to reprint it. PREPARE, people!

I also had one poor girl start crying. I felt so bad for her – she had to wait for me to look up the file sizes of all the files she wanted to print, and then calculate what size paper they’d be on, and then determine how much money it’d be based on those sizes and how many copies she wanted of each, and she was already late for work. There were a ton of files and they were all bizarre sizes and it took FOREVER and I was still calculating/re-writing the instructions for a half an hour after she left. It was awful. I kept apologizing and the PSC girl Julia was helping me out a bit and tried to make the girl feel better. I just felt awful because the girl was thinking she could just drop the stuff off and run to work, but at the PSC we have you pay up front (you never know with students – we have to cover our butts) and I have to calculate it all out before you can pay. Ugh. Awful. I know where she works, and it’s a cool place, so hopefully they understand and aren’t too upset.

So. I had a steady stream of people the whole time I was at work, and then I also had to search for some missing print request forms (most of which weren’t really “missing,” they just hadn’t been picked up yet and were therefore not filed) and check things out to people and answer phones and make photocopies! IT WAS INSANE.

Then the next stupid thing I did was volunteer to cover someone’s shift later today so that they could go to one of their finals. Finals week gets all screwy here because they try to pack all six days of classes into three, so that all day Thursday and then Friday morning can be used to prepare for the Portfolio Show, which is Friday afternoon. This means that since all classes are only two hours long instead of almost four, you might end up with a bunch of finals in one day. Case in point: I’ve got three tomorrow. Then I have one on Wednesday, and oddly, one Thursday morning. I guess they just couldn’t fit that one in. GAH. Anyway, I’ve got to be back there later this afternoon. Hopefully it’ll have slowed down by then.

This means that I have to do all my Tuesday work RIGHTNOW. I have no idea whether or not I’ll be able to work on anything during my shift (I certainly couldn’t have this morning) and I’ll be useless after I get off work. Bleh! I guess it can be done though – just studying for my science final and then doing some SQL stuff for DB Management. Wish me luck!

Also, I “wasted” a bunch of time making this adorably cute layout. I haven’t coded it yet (saving that for when I actually have time to do so) but I’m satisfied with how it turned out (seriously, how rare is that?) and it’d make a nice wintry theme.

GAH! There goes that stupid alarm bell again! AUGH!

[edit] I just re-read this, and holy run-on sentences, Batman! Sorry for that. I’m thinking in a run-on mode at the moment. :D [/edit]

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  • HBSL says:

    Yowza! Sounds like an exciting day. I just had a few annoying customers, but nothing bad. Hope everything’s better the rest of the week.

  • Heidi says:

    tis the season to be crazy fa lalalalalalalala.

  • Trinity says:

    I am so glad I don’t work. Haha. But I guess that means I’m lazy. Not that I didn’t know that already or anything…

    You have been infected, by the way. Check out my blog for more info :D