December 10, 2005 10:35 am

Full Of Surprises

:note: Beck – “Readymade”

Yesterday was a veritable minefield of surprises. I turned in my paper for Psychology (the one that I stayed up until 4am to finish because I only started it the night before it was due) and we did a little “end of paper” happy ritual thingy, and then she let us go an hour and a half early.

I finished my presentation for my internship class during that time, found out that the very sweet job services lady wants to take me (and another student) out to lunch for being such a help at the portfolio shows, and then I went to work.

I ran to class after that was done and accidentally came in during someone’s presentation. I HATE doing that. So, lots of people went, and then all of a sudden it was 6pm. A few of us raised our hands and were like, “Um, so, I was supposed to go today too…” and we all decided that we could stick around and clap for each other. I ended up doing my presentation for three people, plus the teacher. Totally not stressful at all. WHAT A RELIEF. I’m usually not too uptight about giving presentations (I don’t have stage fright or anything – well, not much) and this made it even easier. I ended up sticking around until 7pm, until Daniel came to meet me at the school. We tried to decide where we wanted to go for food and finally (reluctantly) decided to just go home and put the freezer lasagne in the oven and have a midgie-dinner while it was cooking, and then eat the lasagne for dinner when it was done.

On our way home, Callie called and asked if we would like to go out for sushi. HELL YES. So they met us at our house and we went to that fun Sushi-Go-Round place again. After dinner, we decided to go to the new movie by Sarah Silverman called “Jesus Is Magic.”

Oh my god was that funny. Horribly, horribly offensive, but very, very funny. She jokes about things most people wouldn’t dream of touching (the Holocaust, AIDS, etc) and has jokes about racism (her reasoning is that if you can laugh at it, you diminish its power). It’s probably the most offensive movie I have ever seen, but I swear to god I was laughing the whole way through. I totally recommend it.

Yesterday was totally crazy. It was also a lot of fun, and you can’t imagine my relief about being done with Week 10. I think missing class on Wednesday was the best thing I could have done for myself. And, I’M DONE WITH MY INTERNSHIP.

OH! That was the other surprise! So, they still won’t let me have their site go live (lord knows why at this point), but the executive director lady suggested that maybe they could “contract” me to do it sometime in the future. Which means that yes, they totally could have had me do it while I was free labor, but now they’re going to email me sometime down the road, and maybe pay me, like, $100 to come in and do it. Oh well, their loss I guess.

WEEK 10 IS DONE! Now all I have to do is finish my entire portfolio (ehhh…), think up some SQL statements to test my database with, do my self-portrait for Psychology, and study for my science final. Heh.

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