December 6, 2005 7:45 pm

More Apartment Drama Ensues


We seem to have a bit of a financial nightmare on our hands. Nothing we can’t handle (I don’t think, anyway) but a bit of a nightmare nonetheless.

Remember me discussing how awesome and fantastic it was that they wanted to give us the $200 rent credit, and we signed the piece of paper saying we knew what the duties were? So, it looks like they just sort of… well, I don’t know what it looks like. We owe them $800. Now.

We paid them our “agreed upon” $325 last month, and $325 this month, but apparently they think we should have been paying the $525 both months, and we got hit with a $75 late fee somewhere in there (even though it was received before the late date) and we’re probably going to get hit again since they returned our check for this month saying they can’t accept partial payment. Except they spelled “accept” like “except.” Which annoys me to no end.


We can afford it (sort of); that’s not the issue to me. The issue is that they approached us about this whole “manager” type thing, told us we’d be getting the $200 credit, never gave us the supplies (vacuum, broom, rake, etc) even though we’ve called and emailed about it several times, charged us with a completely unfounded late fee, and then returned our check so we’ll get hit with another $75 late fee.

Daniel’s going to call them tomorrow before work and try to work things out with them. Either they really are trying to screw us over, or they just have really abysmally poor communication skills at that office. I’m really unsatisfied with how we’ve been treated so far (remember the key incident?) which is awful, because I love the apartment and the area.

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  • Heidi says:

    Call them first thing tomorrow. It sounds like they just don’t know what is going on. Do you still ahve the paper about the duties? If so you should make a copy and send it to them with a letter explaining what happened and what you understood should have happened with the payments. Also, you shouldn’t have to pay the laet fees as long as it wasn’t your fault. Let me know what happens. Love you.

  • Heidi says:

    sorry about the spelling in my last comment. I guess I’m a little tired and spaced out. love you!!!

  • Thats just not right, if you signed a legal contract with them… yeah. If you cant get it straightened out and this is how they treat you? move.