November 30, 2005 5:29 pm

Just Call Me Michelin.

:note: Killswitch Engage – “To The Sons Of Man”

How is everybody doing on their Christmas shopping? I hadn’t really even thought about it until maybe Monday night. For a while now I’ve been asking Daniel what he wants, and he finally asked me what I wanted and I really didn’t know. I mean, there’s a few big things, but I don’t think it’s terribly likely that I’ll get them so I haven’t mentioned it. And all the smaller stuff seems like things that other people should get me, not Daniel. I don’t know.

Subject change: Our apartment totally sucks at retaining heat. The windows are single-pane, which sort of explains it, but they have outer storm windows and it seems those should make things better. Yet here I sit, freezing, only warm when I’m actually physically sitting right in front of the heater. Bleh. Loading up on sweatshirts and fleeces is an option, but a fluffy Michelin Man option that I’m not overly fond of. But I do it anyway. Maybe it’s because we get virtually no natural light?

Geh, I have to go to class in a bit, and I really don’t feel like going. Usually if I don’t feel like going to class, I can convince myself that there really is a good reason I should go, but this time I’m having difficulties. It’s just a work-in-class day. The reasons to actually go are that I have stuff to turn in from last week because I was gone, and because I was gone last week and I shouldn’t miss two weeks in a row. I’ll end up going, but I won’t enjoy it. I want to sleep. In the Poof Chair.

Speaking of the Poof, I totally fell asleep in it last night and didn’t wake up until 4am to come to bed. It’s terribly comfortable. I had it positioned right in front of the heater so it’d blow nice, warm air on me, but not so close that it’d ignite. I’d really like to just lay there all evening.

Ah well, I’m off. Wish me luck; here’s hoping she doesn’t care that my stuff isn’t completely done even though it was due a week ago.

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