November 26, 2005 9:05 am

So Busy!

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I have been going non-stop since I got here. The first night, we all went up to my grandparent’s house and hung out with the cousins for a while and took pictures and ate pizza.

On Thanksgiving, we ate a lot of food and then went outside to play on the motorcycles. Kalena (bestest cousin) and I both crashed. I was doing okay, but then I went to stop, and I don’t know how many of you are familiar with motorcycles but these had hand brakes like bikes do. Problem? The hand brakes are on the same handle as the gas, so when you go to squeeze the hand brake, if you don’t do it right you end up revving the engine and zooming forward. So I did that, panicked, and ended up tipping over. My cousin Emmalie had to run to avoid being hit by me. Heh.

Kalena had an encounter with a tree. She didn’t actually hit it, but she came within about an inch of it and then fell over. She has a gigantic purpley bruise on her inner thigh where she fell on the motorcycle. Then later she was going up a hill and something happened and she scraped her shin and bruised her calf. She’s excited about it though, because now she can show everybody at home her battle wounds from learning to ride a motorcycle.

Yesterday we had our lefse party and ate most of what we made. We also watched some home movies of my cousin DJ wrestling (he’s only lost one match in three years) and Emmalie and Kelsie riding horses. And we watched Without A Paddle and Elf.

Today, the plan is to get some photos taken of all seven of us cousins together, and then I’m going to the baby shower, and then maybe going to the new Harry Potter movie again, since my brother Landen wants to go.

I’ve got tons of photos that I’ll eventually upload to Flickr when I get a chance, and I’m sure I’ll post some of them here too. Oh, and as for the Poof Chair, it tried to get delivered the next day as well and nobody was home, so now it says it’ll try on Monday. This is okay since I should be home by 12:20pm or so, and I don’t think they normally deliver before then in our neighborhood. I hope. If Monday fails, I’ll have to call and pick it up somewhere. But thank you for all your well-wishes for my Poof Chair. I’m excited for it. :D

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