November 21, 2005 5:31 pm

Manic Monday

:note: Hammerfall – “Hearts on Fire”

Today has totally not gone as planned. I was supposed to get off work at 12, and then Daniel and I were going to meet up to go to the Post Office. However, the guy that has the shift after me never showed up. He never called either, so I stuck around until 1:30 at which point a girl from the actual print service center came to take over so I could finally leave.

Also, it was seriously the busiest day I’ve had at work all term. As a frame of reference, on Fridays, we sometimes only get four print requests all day. Mondays are a bit busier, we might get anywhere from four to ten during my shift (which is four and a half hours). Today, we probably got four to ten per hour. The poor print service center people were shuffling through papers as fast as they could go – it was incredibly hectic. At one point, I was on the phone, taking someone’s print request and money, and trying to check out a pair of headphones. It was insane.

So anyway, I finally met Daniel at 1:30 and we got some food and then headed up to his work so he could get his tips from yesterday (btw, he is totally loving the new job thusfar). I met one of his co-workers, and then we went to the Post Office. :whew: I guess it’s cool that I stayed an extra hour and a half over, because it sort of makes up for me having this Friday off, but man did it throw off my day.

As far as school goes, I just have to do the revised outline for science that was due last week, and I’m all ready for school tomorrow. I’m not at all ready for the week after, but I’m trying to not think about that. Heh.

Side note: Dooce today was effing hilarious. I live for stuff like that.

I’m super excited about Wednesday. Well, not so much about the eight hour car ride, but the fact that I get to go home for the weekend and see all my cousins! Wooo! I’m also going to re-learn how to crochet, because last week I got the overwhelming urge to make a scarf but I have no idea how to. I only ever learned to make a big long chain – nothing remotely useful. So I will have my mom teach me how. Again.

We will also be having a lefse party, just like last year, except this is the day after Thanksgiving. I am giddy with excitement. There will also be a baby shower for one of my cousins, on Saturday, and then we leave on Sunday to come home. I can’t wait.

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