November 18, 2005 7:33 pm

My Thoughts On The New HP Movie

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I loved, loved, loved it! I think it was a vast improvement over the third movie. The third one was a “good movie,” in the sense that it was entertaining and would have been appealing even if you hadn’t read the books. As a film interpretation of a great book, I think it fell short. This fourth one was fantastic.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

My nitpicky thing: they didn’t involve the house elves at all. Winky was involved with the Dark Mark at the Quidditch World Cup, and Dobby was the one who gave Harry the gillyweed. Not even a mention. I do feel that that’s nitpicky though, since I don’t feel that it detracted from the storyline.

And the DEATH. Oh my god, the death. I came THISCLOSE to crying. There was sobbing and agonized wailing and blood and awful sadness. Wormtail was especially freaky this time around, and Voldemort! Voldemort was horrifying. Ew ew ew.

Everything was done fantastically. Other than the lack of the house elves, I really have no complaints. It had edge-of-your-seat action, a bit of romance (Cho was so adorable!), heroism, danger, everything! Moaning Myrtle in the bathtub with Harry was hilarious, I loved her bizarre squeaking noises and weird giggles. When Harry spits out his drink while watching Cho… Hee! I totally want to see this in the theaters again.

Oh, and I went to bed at 4am and got up at 7am for class. Ehhhbblblbhhh.

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  • jr says:

    I want to see the movie

  • Aneesah says:

    Ah! Hope you don’t midn me commenting on an older entry, BTW. :P

    Cho was so adorable!

    Really? ^_^ I thought Katie looked a bit old at first, when she was cast, but looking at her in the trailers and stuff changed my mind. She’s very beautiful.

    Oh, I haven’t watched the movie yet. T_T And yes, they never intended to include the house elves or SPEW, unfortunately. I’m glad everybody says the movie is fantastic; makes me can’t wait till my exams are over!!