November 13, 2005 1:41 pm

The Ring

:note: The Doors – “Break on Through”

No, this isn’t about the movie, even though I did like it and think it was scary. It’s about a ring I have.

People ask me about it quite a bit (more than I would expect, at least) and it happened again yesterday, so I thought I’d discuss it here. Yesterday a girl said, “I love your ring! It’s so sparkly, it reflects all the light!” I’ve had people (incredulously) ask me if I was married, or tell me my ring is gorgeous. When they ask me if I’m married, I usually say I’m not, and then I have to explain that it’s some sort of a promise ring, even though it was never declared as such. I feel kind of silly discussing jewelry, because it’s not something I ever do.


I find it funny, since it’s a 25c ring from a Safeway vending machine.

I got it several years ago, back in Idaho. Daniel likes getting things out of the .25c vending machines, so we lingered around the front of the store deciding which machines to use, finally deciding on the rings. The one I got was pink but I decided to wear it anyway, and since then, all the pink has worn off and it’s now just silver. I don’t know what kind of metal it is, but it doesn’t freak my skin out so wearing it all the time isn’t a problem. It just cracks me up that so many people say things about it, since I think it’s kind of… well, it’s not that I don’t like it, but let’s say I’ve seen prettier rings.

Daniel’s first day at the coffee shop went well, I guess. He made lots of bagels and “eggles” and ran the cash register. He didn’t make any coffee today but he’ll have a training day sometime soon to teach him how to do that. He said that he thinks he’ll get along well with the other people that work there, so that’s cool.

We rented the Lemony Snicket movie last night, and I liked it. Daniel saw part of it on the train once, but didn’t like it so he went back to his seat. He decided yesterday that he probably didn’t give it a chance, so we agreed to rent it. I think it’s a good idea they combined the first three books into one movie, and my favorite caretaker is still Uncle Monty.

We went shopping yesterday to try to find a white shirt for Daniel and fortunately found two he could use. I exchanged a jacket at Old Navy, since the one I bought online WOULDN’T FIT OVER MY BOOBS. God I hate that. I hate that more than anything I can think of right now. I find the perfect jacket, buy it in the size that ALL of my Old Navy tops/jackets are, and it doesn’t fit over my fucking chest. It was the right length, the arms were the right length, and I looked like a sausage because the bust wasn’t big enough. How infuriating. So I exchanged it for a bigger size. Thankfully, the arms and stuff don’t look awkward, but still. Gah.

I cheered myself up by finding some adorable underwear at Anchor Blue that were on sale for half off. I usually don’t buy underwear from anywhere else but The Rave, since it’s $7 anywhere else and I can get five pairs for $12 at The Rave, but these were really cute. I love buying underwear.

Oh, and my Thanksgiving plans are coming together. My cousin agreed to have me in her car, and they offered to pick me up at my apartment and said I didn’t have to worry about paying gas money. Score all around!

Well, I’m off to take a shower and do some homework. And yes, I realize that it’s the afternoon and I haven’t gotten started on my day yet. I’m okay with that.

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