November 11, 2005 6:44 pm

Monster Under The Sink

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So… I’m at school in one of the computer labs, waiting for Daniel to walk down here and meet me. He wants to go shopping to find a button-up white shirt to wear to work on Sunday. I sort of feel like crap, but I think that’s because I haven’t eaten well today. I had a bowl of granola for breakfast (out of the ordinary – we didn’t have any of my cereal left :(), a pb&j sammich and a banana for lunch (noon-ish), and then a banana and a fruit-and-grain bar for a snack (3-ish). No dinner yet.

I get really, um, shall we say irritable? when I don’t eat. Like, really irritable. And I get headaches and just generally feel awful. Side note: now I’m Googling hypoglycemia. It would seem I probably don’t have it, because I never usually have what I think I do, but what happens to me is pretty similar. Daniel has a habit of feeding me if I say something mean. I find it hilarious, but he is sort of looking out for himself by feeding me. I sound like some monster under a sink that needs to be kept satiated so it doesn’t climb out and eat people. Heh.

Time to go, Daniel should be here soon. Hopefully feeding will commence shortly.

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  • nicole says:

    My mom and I have this as well. My mom gets suupppper mean when she hasnt eaten though. When her and my dad would fight, he used to ask her if she had eaten yet, and if she hadnt he wouldnt speak to her, lol.

    I am not as bad, but craig seems to think I am a monster when I am hungry, although that doesnt motivate him to feed me any faster haha.

  • Meggan says:

    Hehe, Daniel knows if he doesn’t feed me then I’ll end up saying something nasty (that I don’t actually mean) and then he’ll be sad and I’ll be sad and it’ll just be a bad situation. Heh.

    The story about your parents cracked me up, I read it to Daniel and we both giggled, because that will totally be us in a while.