November 7, 2005 4:59 pm

Scheduling Shenanigans

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So I got my schedule for next term worked out – I’m only taking four classes instead of five. At some point within the next year, I need to take five again, and from there on out I can just take four until I graduate. Graduation should be fall (September) of 2006, meaning I still have about year left.

I would have taken five classes next term, but there really honestly wasn’t much for me to take. Out of all the classes they were offering for my major (all ten of them :|) I’ve already taken six, I’m in one right now, and I can’t take the other three because I have to be thisclose to graduating to take them. *sigh* So I’m taking Sociology, C++ Programming, History of Photography, and User Centered Design. Not terrible, but I just wish they’d offer more classes for us so I don’t have to resort to taking a ton of general studies courses to fill my schedule. Here’s hoping next term will be better.

I’m glad I got to meet with Chris (the guy who taught my layout class last term) because he understands my major and where I’m coming from. This isn’t to say that my actual department director (Norton) doesn’t understand, but I just feel more comfortable talking to Chris about classes and such. Norton intimidates me. Chris is letting me get out of taking DMP classes and the stupid Quark class that most everybody in my major has to take. Why they think it’s applicable, I have no idea. I can understand getting a general idea of how to use Quark, but devoting an entire class to it, for web designers? Preposterous. A big “no” on that one. I dunno. He understands my focus, and it isn’t on video or Quark. We also made a sort of tentative plan for subsequent terms based on what I was able to take this term, so I’m happy about that too. Today was successful.

Tomorrow I get to find out how poorly I did on my midterm in science, and then I get to take a midterm in Database Management Concepts, which will no doubtedly be on things we didn’t go over but were hidden deep in the book that I didn’t buy. Plehhh.

Now to write the rhino autobiography.

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