November 6, 2005 5:22 pm

Rock For Rhinos

:note: Harry Potter theme

The rhino poster, just for Bucky!

Thanks for all the comments on the recent photos! Just as a side note, I used to wear that leopard outfit all the time when I visited my grandma – she had this HUGE collection of dress-up clothes for my cousin and I, and that outfit even had a tail. It had to be safety-pinned on, but it had a tail. :P

I have to do a report on the Javan Rhino for my science class, but it has to be an autobiography as if I were the rhino. I also have to make an advertisement that will promote saving the rhino. I’ve actually got the advert done because Daniel gave me a fantastic idea before he left for work this morning. So at least I’ve got that out of the way. It’s a concert poster for a concert called “Rock for Rhinos” and it has a bunch of animal-activist and/or vegan/vegetarian hardcore bands playing. It’s pretty sweet.

I have a meeting tomorrow wherein my schedule for next term (and possibly all next year) will be discussed. I’m not sure what I can take next term, since all the multimedia classes available I’ve either already taken, I’m in them now, or I can’t take because I don’t have enough credits. It’s pretty crap. I may end up with a bunch of general courses. *sigh* I love my major, but I just wish that they wouldn’t stiff us when it comes to classes.

Earlier today, I bought the 12th Lemony Snicket book (it came out sometime in October and I never got around to getting it until today) and the watch that I was looking at the other day. says it should be here around the end of next week – no more broken watch for me!

I just got done making cookies (chocolate and butterscotch chip) so I think I’m going to watch a movie until Daniel gets home. I hope everybody’s weekend went well!

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