November 4, 2005 9:43 pm

Passport Photo

:note: Marilyn Manson – “The Love Song”

Is this not the most hilarious yet cute passport picture ever? This is Daniel, circa the 5th grade, about age 11.

daniel passport

For comparison, this was taken last year-ish:


I love the passport picture just because his hair is so insane – yet another case of out of control hair, hehehe. This was before he lost a lot of weight, got a different haircut, and got braces. It cracks me up. In a good way of course, but I just look at it and giggle. I don’t really have any pictures of me from that age (well, with me anyway, my mom has tons) otherwise I’d totally post them. I had basically the same haircut I do now, except my bangs started in the middle of my head instead of toward the front, and they were completely overbearing. I also wore my hair in a low ponytail a lot, so in all my pictures I just have this funny round head with bangs because you can’t see all the rest of my hair. :blah:

Since I don’t have any of that age I’ll show you this one, which is me at probably three years old. My grandma always made me do these dorky poses holding flowers. I was wearing my gymnastics leotard and my underwear is poking out.


Edit: I found one! With the bad bangs and the ponytail and everything. And the leopard outfit. Heh.


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  • Oh, man, those are all too adorable for words. I see stuff like this and I’m so glad I’m past my child-bearin’ years…

    But, I have to ask…what’s goin’ on with the purple doily over Daniel’s head in his passport pic? Is this a case of ’80s madness? Hints of Madonna lurking?

  • Trinity says:

    That last photo…that hair and that outfit…reminds me of the 80s :D

    That is THE BEST passport photo I’ve ever seen. Mine looks like a freaking mug shot! The guy who took my photo even said he was going to write some numbers under it. Haha.

  • Trinity says:

    And that purple “doily”…that’s just some blue thing that says USA in it that is part of the passport itself, not the photo. Madonna. Hehe.