November 2, 2005 10:07 pm

Oh, The Hair

:note: Enya – “Only Time”

I’m feeling much better today than I was yesterday. I’m still not well, but I don’t feel nearly as good. My cough is more pronounced, but my eyes and nose have slowed down a lot so that makes me happier. Thanks for your well-wishes.

Happy 21st birthday to two friends of mine, Yaicha and Star! I’m pretty sure Yaicha’s is today and Star’s is tomorrow (I’m horrible with dates so I’m not positive on that, Yaicha’s may have been yesterday and Star’s is today) but I wish them both the best. Happy birthday, you two.

I drew a whale! I think I’m going to use him on my business card.


I’ve been feeling really… frumpy lately. I think a lot of it is that I’m dying to have my hair cut so I think my hair looks awful at the moment, and that I’m still 40 pounds overweight. Forty pounds is a lot. That’s like, a whole bag of cat food. Or a kindergartener. EW! What a horrible thought. Gah. :yuck: I feel like when people have babies and then they complain about “the mom look” where your hair is crap and you haven’t lost any weight, except I haven’t had any babies. I have no excuse.

My hair is out of control:


It calmed down a bit after I took this photo – I had just taken out two little pigtails and my hair was trying to recover. Still, though. Something must be done. I’m looking into getting a PRP hair treatment in Rowley, MA or something similar like this hair restoration in Nashville, TN for my bald spots after pregnancy.

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