November 1, 2005 5:35 pm


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Still sick. The throat thing has passed for the most part, giving way to a runny/stuffy nose, sneezing, watery eyes (I hate the watery eyes stage) and a bit of a cough. I feel pitiful. :yuck:

Daniel closes the store all this week. That means I don’t see him until after 10pm, meaning I see him for maybe an hour or two after he gets home (if I’m lucky), and then for a minute or two in the mornings before I leave for school. I feel like I haven’t talked to him in forever. I hate that. I hate when he closes, since my commitments are generally in the morning or early afternoon which means I’m never home when he is and vice versa.

I think I got a C on my midterm in Environmental Science today. :sad: I felt horrible last night but I managed to finish my homework, completely neglecting to study for my test. I knew I should have; I sat down with my stuff, but I was so stuffy and runny and cough-y that I couldn’t concentrate to save my life. Everything on the test was familiar, I just couldn’t remember the exact terms for things. I hate getting Cs. Actually, I hate getting anything less than an A, but that’s just my personal quirk. So I’m mad about that.

I’m also mad about the fact that I was totally debating not going to my second class because I felt awful, but I decided I should in case we went over something new or reviewed for the midterm or something. All we did was look at some stuff he said we weren’t even going to be tested on and went over some elementary stuff and then left an hour and a half early with no homework. I totally could have skipped it and just went home and slept, but nooooo. I have a conscience.

To make things exponentially worse, it’s been POURING down rain for the past couple of days, so two days in a row I ended up at school with completely wet feet. My shoes were soaked all the way through so my feet made squishing noises in them as I walked. Today I got the bright idea to air my socks and shoes out during class, but that meant that my feet were chilly. And yes, I do have an umbrella, but when it’s POURING and there’s a bit of wind and you’re walking, the rain tends to hit your legs. A lot.

I hate writing “poor, poor pitiful me” posts, but jeeze has this week sucked so far.

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