October 30, 2005 7:53 pm

Tea Is My Friend

:note: Eddie Izzard – “Unrepeatable”

I’m coming down with a cold. It sucks. It started yesterday when my throat began hurting, in the back, kind of where it connects to your sinuses. It just got worse as the night went on, and sleeping was miserable. This morning Daniel didn’t have to be at work until 11:30am, but for some reason woke up around 7ish feeling like he should get up for the day. So he did. Then he made me some Throat Coat tea and brought it to me in bed as I woke up. :heartgrin: Wouldn’t trade him for anything.

I’ve spent the day lounging around, watching Edward Scissorhands (bought it at a thrift store for $2) and trying to convince myself I should do my homework. Later tonight we’re heading to Callie’s for a Halloween party of sorts. I think it’ll be lots of fun. Let’s hope my throat holds out and I don’t end up hurtful and sad by the end of the night. I’m having more tea as we speak.

Anyway, I should return to my homework. Enthralling, really; talking about permeable soil and what it means to have soil productivity and non-compacted soil. Ad infinitum. At least it isn’t Physics.

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  • Nicole says:

    being sick is not fun! Craig and I just got over a week + of being sick. Also, I just talked to my dad and he is sick as well.

    Hope you have fun at your party tonight!

  • gloomy says:

    You got Edwards Scissorhands for $2? Wow, you’re really making me jealous :p

    It’s been on top of my wishlist for a year now, but I’m too damn greedy to spend more than 10€ on it, and I haven’t seen it anywhere for less than 17€ in a year. I’ll probably lose patience some day, and right after I bought it for like 14€, some store will sell it for 6€. It’s always like that ^^

    Get well soon :)