October 12, 2005 1:20 pm

A Scary Day

:note: Carnivore – “Predator”

I’m terrified to go to class tonight. I have to show the things I’m intending on putting in my portfolio to not only the entire class and the teacher, but to a former student and graduate of Ai, as well as the Department Director for my major. :ack: The class and teacher, I could do. I could maybe even handle the Ai grad. But having all of those plus the Dept. Director?!? *dies*

I’m afraid they’ll tell me that my stuff sucks and I should go away. I know they won’t, but I’m afraid they will. It doesn’t help that I really dont want to be hired as a designer anyway – I’d much rather do PHP stuff. I don’t have anything PHP related to put into my portfolio though, so this design stuff will have to suffice.

I’m also going to my internship today for the first time in weeks. Gah. At least I have some stuff I know I can work on, since my new supervisor hasn’t responded to the two emails I’ve sent her about my schedule and I don’t even know if she knows I’m coming in today.

I have a whole bunch of pictures on CD that I have to upload and add to their site, and then somehow figure out how to move everything from being inside a folder to out on the open and not wreck the file structure. Eep.

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