October 10, 2005 7:26 pm

Energizer Bunny

:note: Collective Soul – “Simple”

My brain is full of mush (I’ve been going going going for over 13 hours so far) so I will leave you with good links.

This is funny, but it’s almost funnier to me that mine look like that normally.

Does religion correlate with social dysfunction?

They found a vaccine that prevents the onset of cervical cancer, but conservatives don’t want anybody to use it. They think it’d give girls a “free pass” to have lots of premarital sex since they wouldn’t have to worry about getting cancer. Nevermind all the other reasons people do or don’t decide to have sex. I think the “Virginity or Death” article is very biased, but I do agree with a lot of the points they’ve made.

An online Tarot card reader for your amusement.

Talk amongst yourselves. ;) I’m off to make cookies.

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  • OOo cookies. Im supposed to be doing that right now. But im not. Im so bad.

  • sandpoint666 says:

    i don’t really even know how I got here, but there is some funny stuff on here. What kind of cookies? can I have one?

  • Meggan says:

    They’re basically chocolate chip cookies, except I found these DELICIOUS chips that are chocolate and caramel swirled. They’re by Nestle.

    Callie and Paul (and Daniel) sampled them and they all agreed they were very delicious. I’m understandably proud.

  • Rosemarie says:

    That annoys me.

    I mean.
    What’s more important: Whether people have sex (which everyone does at some point) or whether they get CANCER. The dreaded C word.

    I’m sure even my reserved, innocent mother would prefer that I had sex than had cancer.


    Anyway, the pill is supposed to help prevent cervical cancer too (I think… Some sort of cancer, anyway) So I figure I’m set :-D

  • That is just so fucked that someone would try to withold something that can prevent people from getting cancer.

    People suck.

    But not you Meggan. I think you rock!