October 8, 2005 7:46 pm

Totally Superficial

:note: Daniel on the phone

No definite plans have been made yet (as far as going home is concerned) because apparently Nana wanted to have a memorial AA meeting (both she and Hi-Kid were members), and it would have either had to have been this Sunday (tomorrow!) or next weekend. Tomorrow was way to little time to get everything organized, so it’ll likely be next weekend. She will be cremated, and her ashes will be spread near one of her daughter’s houses, so the date of the memorial isn’t really time-sensitive like it would be with, say, an open-casket funeral.

* * *

Since I don’t enjoy talking about death, I’m going to be disgustingly, revoltingly superficial and talk about things Daniel and I have purchased recently.

I found this for ONE DOLLAR at the music store. It’s two vinyl LPs with the accompanying booklet from forever ago:


I told Daniel he has to make me use it. The illustrations inside are priceless.

We got these two lamps today at the Portland Saturday Market. I love them!

rainbow star lamp

blue star lamp

We also got some jam: crab apple, rhubarb, and spiced asian pear. Very good. And one if those weird bug-shaped back massagers from Bath & Body Works. The star lamps are the best though. They’re going to go in the bedroom (or one will, at least) because we hung a big tapestry thing on the ceiling to block out the light, but it’s a bit too agressive in doing so. Hence the lights.

I like them muchly.

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