October 7, 2005 10:31 pm

The News, It Is Not Good.

:note: The Benedictine Monks again

There’s really no graceful way to put this, so I’ll just go ahead and say that Nana died sometime this evening. :worried:

Daniel and I were out most of the evening, and when we got home there were two messages on the machine. One from Heidi that I could not understand a word of, but it was the sort that you really don’t need to hear what they’re saying, the emotion says enough. The next message was from Daniel’s dad who told us what happened.

Daniel has left a message on both of their cell phones, but we haven’t gotten a call back yet.

So, like I said, we haven’t heard any news other than Nana has passed, but I expect to be missing at least a couple days of school next week in order to go home. :dis: On one hand, it’s always horrible to have a loved one die, but on the other hand, it helps to know that she’s not in pain anymore.

Something I always loved about her is that no matter when I saw her, even if it was obvious I hadn’t, she’d say, “My! You look so wonderful! Have you lost weight? Yes, yes, I think you have, you look beautiful.” Does wonders for the ego, you know. She was an extremely sweet lady.

Bye-bye, Nana.

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