September 25, 2005 1:42 pm

My Weekend, et al

:note: Donnie Darko

Daniel’s sister Gretchen just left. She came down to visit for the weekend, hence my non-posting yesterday. We went down to the Portland Saturday Market and shopped around a bit. I usually never buy anything, but I found these little candles that came in fun scents and were made with soy so they burn really cleanly. I got a chai scented one and a ruby grapefruit one.

More reasons to hate MySpace – profiles like Ty “Drum corps is my life and women”, which contains such gems as:

tyler- remember superwoman????? lol that was funny….and washcloth…….ur kinda dumb about the whole question that had to do with the washcloth thing…..and ur rly gullible, lmao u believed me……well wat i rly wanted to say was that u should stay off of drugs so in ur next life u wont turn into a frog princess……god forbid that….

:arrow: Interests: “Music/ Woman/ Lesbain Woman… i think thats all there is to life o yeah sex is needed in life most definantly.”
:arrow: “I can make low quality sites for people or companys.” I’m sure EVERYBODY would like a low-quality site for their Internet presence. Thanks.
:arrow: Oh, and “Books suck.”
:arrow: He would like to meet “Female’s who are asowme to talk to”
:arrow: Also, his “heroes” are apparently some site’s META tags that he copy-pasted from their source code.

His profile says to me: Hi. I am an idiot who can’t spell, hates books, and objectifies women. I’d like to be your friend.

*smacks head, presses “DENY”*

On the other hand, some very nice girl named Nicole contacted me through MySpace and said she was starting at Ai in a few weeks (in my same major!) , was kind of anxious about it, and wanted to know what I thought of it and if I had any advice for her. A totally legitimate and lovely way to start talking to somebody. I told her what’s up and offered to sell her some of my used books for cheap if she needs them. I certainly don’t. I like making friends. :D

I talked to Keith a bit the other day about getting ready for Foundation Portfolio, and he said I should totally spiff up some of my designs and get my logo all taken care of beforehand so I don’t waste time doing that in class. I’m super glad he told me, since that class is probably going to eat all of my free time next term. That and the internship. :dis: So I should work on that over break, I suppose.

I also want to re-vamp a bunch of stuff on my site. My “about me” page has been essentially the same since 1999. That’s, um, sad. I’ll try to get to that today.

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  • Paul says:

    MySpace, Livejournal and Blogger have made the internet a place for common folk who irritate the minority of people with actual intelligence.

    Saying that, as mentioned you do get a few nice interesting people.

    Suppose that kinda makes it worth it..

  • Meggan says:

    Hey now, I love my Blogger friends! I’m not a big fan of LJ though. I have an account only so I don’t have to be anonymous while commenting on friend’s accounts. And as this post illustrates (and as I’ve said before) I have a love-hate relationship with MySpace for these very reasons.

  • Yolanda says:

    Nice logo. That guy’s profile sounds just asowme lol. My sister in law is on MySpace with a profile for her band and has so much fun- but it seems like its so hard to find quality folx anywhere on the internet but its worth sifting through all the jerks to meet an actual gem and true friend. Good luck with your course work- look forward to seeing your portfolio next term.

  • Nicole says:

    wow, I feel so special, I was mentioned on your site :)

    It was great talking with you, you made me feel less anxious, and even more excited about starting.