September 23, 2005 1:29 pm

Weasel Remotes

:note: Live – “Lightning Crashes”

I had a scary, scary dream last night. I’ve had similar ones before, but this one was EPIC. It took forever.

It all started at my parent’s house, in my bedroom. I was watching a movie in my bed (and trying to touch my feet to my head behind my back). I realized the remote was on the bottom bunk of my bed, but upon grabbing it, I realized it had turned into a weasel (:thinking:) and a wet one at that, so I prepared to throw it out my window. There on the lawn was a pack of black wolves! I flung the weasel out the window and went running to the living room.

I lay on the floor and watched the wolves devour the weasel. They started heading for my bedroom window, so I raced down the hallway and grabbed my door handle to shut it right as a wolf lunged at the door. I finally got the door shut and ran screaming through the house to our 1/2 bathroom at the other end of the house. I shut myself in there along with a kid or two (don’t know who they were or why they were there) telling them to be ABSOLUTELY SILENT. One wouldn’t listen.

Next thing I knew, something was screaming at us through the door. It seemed to bend the very fabric of time and space, because I started to be able to see the thing that was screaming through the door. You ever see the Chris Cunningham video for an Aphex Twin song that has the old lady with her dog, and that thing screaming at her? JUST LIKE THAT. Scary as all fuck.

The dream went on forever… the general idea was that these “beings” were taking over the world and changing normal humans into weird animal-type zombie things. I was avoiding them through the entire dream. I remember walking on the wing of a plane as it soared through the sky, and asking what sort of plane it was. We crash landed in a fisherman-type dock area. I suddenly found myself SURROUNDED by the very things I was trying to avoid, and began acting like one of them so they wouldn’t sense I was different. Things went okay for a bit, and right as they started to turn bad and people were suspecting me, I woke up.

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  • God, I had a horrible nightmare myself last night, something must be going around.

    I really dont think I would miss dreaming all that much if I could turn it off…. your dream sounds awful, I totally sympathize.