September 22, 2005 9:49 pm


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I’m upset. :grumbly:

History of Material Cultures III – B+
SpTp: Internet Layout & Design – A
CSTp: Logical Thought & Programming – A-
Advanced Scripting Language Topics – B+

Why the fuck did I get a B+ in my PHP class?!? I did EVERYTHING in that class and I worked hard on my photo gallery script. Sure, it didn’t work perfectly, but only because we spent so much time going over basic programming (in an “advanced” class) that we didn’t even have the info to start our final project until week 05. There was no time to de-bug!

In contrast, I did absolutely NOTHING in my Programming class. Toward the end, at least. I hardly paid attention during the lectures (I know basic programming techniques already – this was only to fullfil a credit requirement), I completely failed to do the last three weekly assignments, and I spent most of my time working on my HTML buildout for my design class later that day. Granted, I did get an A on the midterm and the final, but I didn’t try at all in the class. And I got an A-fucking-minus. I realize that the programming class was a 100-level General Studies class, but WTF did I do wrong in PHP?

I realize that yes, a B+ isn’t bad. In fact, it’s above average. However, I personally set very high standards for myself, and I was really really set on doing well in my PHP class, and “well” to me means an A.

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