September 21, 2005 11:43 am


:note: whatever Daniel’s listening to

Daniel got the Internet to work! He re-tried everything we already tried, and it just decided to work. Thank god, that means we don’t have to make another trip to Beaverton (I know.) today. So we’re both happily playing on the Internet AT THE SAME TIME.

I never did make cookies on my domestic day (though I did make spaghetti for Daniel so he could have dinner when he got home from work at 10:15pm) so that might be what I’m going to accomplish today. I need sugar though, Daniel used the last of the sugar on green Kool-Aid. Can’t make sugar cookies without the sugar. Well, you can (my mom did it once on accident) but it’s not very good and you can’t hide it just by using an awful lot of frosting. They’re still gross.

In other news, I’ve come across this site before, but always after the “donations” have stopped being accepted. This time, I’ve rediscovered it beforehand, and you can bet I’ll be sharing to make people care.


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