September 20, 2005 8:05 pm

Internet Troubles

:note: Moulin Rouge – “Come What May”

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my layout, guys! :love: I appreciate them all. :D Maybe this will inspire me to do layout changes more than twice a year – the last time I did one was in January (seriously). Eeesh.

I’m posting this to let you know that somehow Daniel and I killed our Internet. I’m currently using our canceled but not yet deactivated dial-up connection. We bought a router (we initially had something called a “switch,” which is similar but totally not what we needed) and attempted to hook it up, and somewhere along the way it uninstalled my cable Internet. If I try to use it, it just tries to have me connect via dial-up. We finally gave up and did just that. Home networking is so frustrating. I can totally see why people get paid lots of money to do it.

The other horrible thing is that Paul could totally help us (at least I think so. And I offered him cookies and stir fry, that has to count for something) but he’s out of town until at least Thursday. :ack: LAME.

Um, so if I’m a bit… absent… that’s why.

[edit: 11:10pm]
Called Comcast customer support and at least got my internet up and running again. Something with the router possibly assigning another (valid but not Comcast customer valid) IP address that conflicts with the IP address the modem is sending. Suffice to say we may be returning the router for a different model tomorrow. This Internet business is draining.

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