September 16, 2005 9:10 am

Crazy Van Thief

:note: Depeche Mode – “Stripped”

Weird dreams again.

It was Halloween, but icy and cold. I dreamt that my mom’s green mini-van was parked on a hill (lord knows why) and we were walking up the hill to a house. These kids were walking by and screamed “TRICK OR TREAT” at us, even though it was obvious we had nothing to give them. Their mom handed us some candy from a bag she had. It was good candy too, huge jawbreakers and big packages of stuff.

I turned around just in time to see the van start sliding backwards down the hill and I started running toward it. By the time I got to where I could see down the hill, it had already crashed into a pickup truck and one of the little parking meter vehicle people was writing a citation. Then all of a sudden, the guy in the pickup got out, got into our van, and took off.

My brother sprinted after him (on a highway?) and got the license plate number (you’d think we’d know it, as it was our van to begin with, but no matter). We somehow made it home, only to see the parking meter lady driving the weird little vehicle into our driveway. We told her what happened and she said they’d investigate.

We got the van back and somehow ended up at a Flea Market / Farmer’s Market / crazy Zen garden thing, and this guy I know from school, Jeremy, he was with us. There were tons of people with soap and incense and trickling fountains. I saw this guy named Justin I went to high school with and he was sitting cross-legged with many necklaces on and had girls holding soap and incense crawling around him. It was like one big open spa. We decided to leave.

Upon getting to the van, I realized I left the door unlocked and the crazy van theif was roaming the spa area and could have stolen the van at any time. We got in and told Jeremy to drive since he would probably drive the fastest. We ended up having to evade the van thief though the labyrinth of the spa and it was pretty freakin’ scary.

At some point, I ended up in a big concert hall trying to fake like I knew how to play the clarinet.

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