September 14, 2005 10:31 pm

Yay! It Wasn’t An Omen!

:note: Daniel watching Better Off Dead

I may have gotten 100% on my design final! :highfive: I asked Chris for feedback after he was done with everybody, and he was like, “I love it, I think it’s great. The curves are awesome and they add a lot of interest to the whole feel of the page. Your color scheme is really nice as well.” Woohoo! Basically, the process (thumbnail sketches, digital mockup, etc) counted for more than the actual buildout, so based on all that (without reading my analysis paper) he said I’m sitting right at about 100%. See the HTML buildout. (The background image was originally from k-m-k, but edited by me.)

This is my friend Freya. She’s the third from the left. Or the second from the right. Whichever. I’ve known her since probably Kindergarten, maybe 1st grade.

plaza mayor

Freya is studying abroad in Granada, Spain for a semester, and she’s posted a ton of pictures :camera: on her Yahoo account. She took one especially for me!

smart car

A SMART CAR! I love Smart cars. Yay! I totally want one. Thanks Freya!

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